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Our Pricing

Monthly Training Fees

All training fees are paid monthly and are based upon a 4 week month, this means over the course of a year you're paying for 48 lessons if you train once per week and 96 lessons if you're training twice per week.  The remaining four weeks are for our holidays - even martial artists need them :)

Throughout the year if you miss a class through for example, sickness, your own holidays or any other reason you can simply double up on your training over the following weeks, until you've made up your lessons. 

Below you can see our monthly pricing.  As the pricing shows, there are discounts provided depending upon whether you train with other family members, and depending upon how many days per week that you train:

Number of students in a family training once per week:

1  student in a family - is £27.50 per month

2 students in a family - is £50.00 per month in total

3 students in a family - is £70.00 per month in total

If students want to train twice per week then the monthly prices are as follows:

1 student trains twice per week -  is £50 per month in total

2 students in a family training twice per week - is £ 92.50 per month in total

3 students in a family training twice per week - is £127.50 per month in total

One off Joining Fees

When you first start training like all activities you will need some basic items and we include this in a one off joing fee payment.  The joining fee covers:

- your required Taekwondo uniform

- your first belt - the white belt

- your annual licence

- full access to our online training support guide available on the web and via a mobile app

- your syllabus handbook


The total cost of this joining package is as follows:

- for 3-5 year olds - is £50

- for 5+ - is £80 for the first student, £65 for any second family member joining, and £40 for every third or more family members

We realise that this is a big outlay and so as well as your two week free trial, we add a further two free weeks before your monthly training fees begin - that's equivalent to £27.50 of free training for a single family member training once per week or £50 for two family members training twice per week.  

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