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We place your safety at the top of our priorities and during the first phase of the Covid epidemic we switched our classes to online delivery via Zoom.  I'm pleased to say that all students who continued to train via Zoom have been promoted at least 1 belt level since April including some of our new beginners.

As such we will continue to provide the option of training via Zoom to all students.  We know that training in Zoom is not for everyone and there's nothing like getting back into the Dojang to train in person.

In order to make that happen with your safety at the forefront of our minds we've decided to take a number of important steps:

- We have taken Covid-19 Return to Work training and achieved certification via the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMPSA). Which you can see here:



- We have prepared a detailed risk assessment to ensure we have in place the correct procedures and policies to ensure your safety which you can see here:

- We have taken the decision to lease a Taekwondo Studio which has been set up specifically to help you get the most out of your Taekwondo training in a Covid Secure manner. By leasing a studio for our own purposes we are able to ensure that the use, arrangement, and procedures for the Studio are all within our control and therefore offer you a safe training experience.

- Finally to make sure your training is safe we ask all students and parents of students to follow these guidelines:

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