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Child Usage Policy

Taekwondo is a martial art which is accessible to all ages and this app is designed as a training aid for all students of the main syllabus of  ITF Taekwondo from the age of 6 years.

The app content provide background information, video breakdowns of techniques and patterns and multiple choice quizzes.  It also contains links to wider social media content which can be found of the internet e.g. youtube and Facebook.

These social media services are not intended to be used without some level of parental assistance and oversight and so usage is conditional upon parents and guardians providing such oversight.

In addition to the external social media sources, there is also the ability to ask questions within the app.  This is intended to be used to ask questions realated to Taekwondo.  These questions and answers are moderated but you are also required to provide oversight and assistance to your child to ensure appropriate use of the App.

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