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Don't delay!
Book your FREE trial today 

USE our Two-Week Free Trial! to let us show you how suited to martial arts you already are.

Starting on a martial arts journey can be a daunting thought, especially if you're worried about your fitness, flexibility, or even meeting new people.  At Fortitude Oldham, we understand these concerns and have crafted the perfect solution - a two-week, no-obligation free trial to help you overcome doubts and discover the incredible world of Taekwondo.

You've probably got loads of question that are stopping you before your get started so in addition to our free trial, in which you can see for yourself, we'll try and deal with some of the mosts common myths about martial arts.  Here goes:


1. **Fitness Apprehensions:**

   * Myth: "I need to be in perfect shape to start."

   * Reality: Martial arts welcomes all fitness levels, providing a supportive environment for gradual improvement.  You take things at your own pace and you'll be in the company of students who've taken the first steps already and provide a supportive group to help you on your way


2. **Time Constraints:**

   * Myth: "I'm too busy to commit to regular classes."

   * Reality: Our flexible schedules cater to busy lifestyles, ensuring you can find a suitable time to train.


3. **Intimidation Factor:**

   * Myth: "I'm not tough enough for martial arts."

   * Reality: Our academy fosters a welcoming and inclusive community, embracing individuals of all backgrounds and abilities.  The reality is that many of our students have started their journey to help them get stronger and more confident, not because that's the way they started out.


4. **Age Concerns:**

   * Myth: "I'm too old/young for martial arts."

   * Reality: Martial arts is suitable for all ages, offering tailored programs that cater to specific age groups.

We want to make sure that Taekwondo is the right thing for you before you make any kind of commitment, and we fully understand how frustrating it can be when your child pleads with you to enrol them yet another activity, only to give up after a few weeks.

That's why we insist that all new comers to our Taekwondo school enrol first in a 2 week free trial.  At the end of that period if it meets all of you or your Childs needs then we'll ask you to sign up with us.

It's a risk free way of starting that journey in martial arts, so pick your lesson from the buttons below and we'll look forward to seeing you at your first class.


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