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A Black Belt is

A White Belt,

Who won't QUIT!

Fortitude Taekwondo Oldham Martial Arts

About Canda @ Fortitude Taekwondo, Oldham

Start a Taekwondo class with Canda @ Fortitude taekwondo, oldham and benefit from lessons and coaching which will bring out the best in you.  We cater for all ages, levels of fitness and experience and offer a coaching style which is designed to make you the best you can be.


We keep our class sizes at a level where you can get the attention you need to progress and our classes are run by instructors not assistants. 


Training intensity and syllabus are geared to meet your current level and help you achieve more in the future. 


Taekwondo lessons and classes are designed to help:


  • Build self confidence through self defence

  • Equip yourself or your kids to deal with threatening or bullying situations

  • Set yourself positive goals and achieve your blackbelt

  • Improve your health, strength and flexibility

  • Train with the whole family


Tenets of Taekwondo




Self control




Fortitude Taekwondo Oldham Chris Moat

Chris started training in Taekwondo with his kids.  All shared the journey together and attained their black belts around the same time.  Chris has trains regularly with Master Hodson VII Degree and has trained with many of the leading Taekwondo Practitioners including FGMR Rhee; GM Hwang Kwang; GM Sahota; and GM Sutherland

Chris Moat

Senior Instructor and IV Degree Black Belt

Martial Arts Oldham amanda Moat

Amanda started training in Taekwondo with her husband Chris.  She quickly attained her 1st Degree Black Belt and is now working towards her 2nd Degree.  

Amanda has also trained with mane leading Taekwondo practitioners including Master Hodson, GM Hwang Kwang and GM Sahota

Instructor - I Degree Black Belt

Amanda Moat



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